Compose with Chris

Composition Coaching for Teachers and Concert Pianists

What I Offer

(Virtually and In-Person)

Free Events

If you're interested in composing and/or teaching it, but not ready to commit to coaching, I offer many free opportunities to get your feet wet. See the EVENTS page to view upcoming webinars, workshops, masterclasses, and more!

"A La Carte" Coaching

If you only have a few questions, or you are stuck on a piece and need guidance, take this one-on-one option, where we will iron out as much as we can within one 60 minute session.

One-on-One Weekly Coaching

If you want a highly personalized, regular, and in-depth study on how to compose and/or teach composition, pick this option! Tuition is charged monthly, and will include 60 minute lessons, once a week, on a regular day and meeting time.

Group Classes

Are you a social butterfly, scared of composing, or looking for a cheaper option? Choose up to 4 friends you would like to learn with (5 including you), and we will all collaborate on the same content, topics, and compositions. Tuition is charged monthly, and includes 60 minute lessons, once a week, on a regular day and meeting time. 

Courses (coming soon!)

If you prefer to learn at your own pace, get ready for some awesome online courses on composing! Subscribe to my email list so you are the first to find out when a new course is released. In the meantime, let me know through the CONTACT page what kind of composing courses YOU would like to see!

Questions? Want to get started now?

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