Want your kid to learn piano, but focus more on having fun and making friends? Let them join a "keyband," which is a group of 4-6 keyboard players around the same age and level, playing popular music of their choice. Players take turns playing different instrument sounds on their keyboard; one on drums, one on guitar, one on bass, etc. Groups meet once a week with their leader, Chris, to practice songs on their set list. It's just like playing in a rock band; each player helps choose songs, and the main goal is preparing for gigs. The best part? You get to name your own band!


Need more reasons to do this, instead of one-on-one lessons?


Kids LOVE playing with different sounds on their keyboard. This puts that curiosity to good use.


Popular music of their choice? Your kid will LIKE practicing.

Peer Support

Peer pressure motivates; your kid will feel the need to practice more.


No need for a real piano, or even full sized keyboard. Do you like saving money?

Group lessons are cheaper per person. Again, who likes saving money?


It's hard to form a band without a strong leader. Chris takes on that role, so the players don't have to worry about it!


It's ALSO hard to find other people who can play drums, bass or other band instruments, and even harder for young musicians to communicate with each other about "what to do" musically. Since the students are all keyboard players, they can help each other out!