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Rock Band for Pianists

Miniature rock group

Violinists, trumpeters, and singers get solo lessons alongside orchestra, band, and choir, so why should piano be any different?  Put keyboard skills to good use in an ensemble,  jamming out with other keyboard players around the same age and level. In ensemble, students use various sounds on the keyboard to play music of their choice and improvise together. Good for all levels, and especially great for middle school students need a more social experience to keep motivated. Tons of fun!



Kids LOVE playing with different sounds on their keyboard. This puts that curiosity to good use.


Popular music of their choice? Your kid will LIKE practicing.


Friends want each other to succeed; getting helped and cheered on by bandmates is very motivational!

Teenage Students Studying Electronic Keyboard In Music Class
education, school, teamwork and people concept - close up of international students hands


No need for a real piano, or even full sized keyboard. Do you like saving money?

Group lessons are cheaper per person. Again, who likes saving money?


Every band member's creative input is encouraged, like a team, so leadership skills are developed.


It's hard to find a drummer, bass player, etc. and it's hard for different instrumentalists to communicate with each other. All keyboard players? No problem!

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