Oill Piano Studio

How I Teach

Good teaching creates a lifelong desire to learn. I achieve this by learning students’ goals, providing the tools needed to pursue them, and by making the journey to achieving them an enjoyable experience. When students develop a passion for learning, their progress increases. I use this momentum to push students to their limits and to inspire them to aspire to attain greater forms of accomplishment.


In my music studio, I foster the “whole” musician, meaning that each student will develop a variety of musical skills, such as improvisation, playing by ear, and composing. These skills are vital to achieving growth. With this in consideration, I welcome any musical interest into my music studio. Whether students have pop star ambitions, classical competition goals, or film music appreciation, studying piano and “whole” musicianship helps them to understand music and explore it in innovative ways.

Me and My Studio

Hi, I'm Christopher Oill! I like high-quality results, but I also like light-heartedness and flexibility. Because of this, students are very comfortable in my studio, and they are able to become skilled and unique musicians.


I have a long list of experiences, but I think it's best to leave the details for when we meet! In brief, I have a Master's degree in Piano Performance Pedagogy, I work for the Faber Piano Adventures and compose for the FJH Music Company Inc., I have performed a variety of music in many places across the U.S., and over more than a decade, I have taught every type of student imaginable.


Each year, I host at least two studio recitals, along with some group events, like piano club, where students gather to play for each other at the studio, and enjoy some refreshments! Depending on the students' interests, I will also encourage solo recitals, social media engagement, festival participation, competitions, and more! As a member of ASMTA, I ensure that my methods are up-to-date, and that my students have access to as many opportunities as suits their needs.

Generally, I maintain a more orderly structure to lessons for beginners and younger students, with equal emphasis on technique, listening skills, reading, theory, creativity, and challenge repertoire. As students advance and mature, students may gravitate towards one or another, and that's okay! I make sure they get their musical "vitamins," whether they are writing rap music or practicing a Beethoven Sonata.


“Chris Oill has both the imagination and classical training to teach students of all ages and abilities. He has shown himself to be versatile and adaptable. (Desirable qualities in a teacher/classical pianist.” 

—  Steve, Colleague

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Fall Studio Recital 2019

Students happy with their successful performances at Stilwell Pianos!