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Professional Pianist

Want to learn piano, but old-fashioned, traditional lessons aren't for you? You've come to the right place! In one-on-one lessons, we'll deep dive into technique, reading, hearing, performance, and creative skills that directly relate to your personal wants and needs. Into Taylor Swift? You've got it. Want to compete, but focus more on music than theory? Sure! Whatever your goal is, I'll help you get closer to achieving it.

Some Benefits (there's many more!)


You get 100% of my attention for the whole lesson, so all of the content directly relates to your personal needs.


Since you're getting all of the attention, you should see a faster improvement rate than with group lessons.


The best kind of musician is a well-balanced musician. One-one-one means plenty of time to cover all our bases.

Piano Player
Practicing Piano


Who wants to be bored when it comes to music? Personal attention means you get to do exactly what you want to do, so the interest stays alive!


Life Long Love: My interest-led style will make you love piano forever. No "I hate piano because my teacher was strict when I was a kid" in my studio!


I'm not mean, but I do encourage healthy habits. Learning to meet deadlines, stick to a practice routine, and "grit" are some of the various life skills you'll get from lessons.

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