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Club Create
Inspiration for Curious Minds

Craving more creative ideas? For only $40 a month, you can join Club Create, a 60 minute weekly online group class. You'll learn about composing, improvising, playing by ear, notation software, music production, songwriting and more. If you have a teacher, bring them along, free of charge, so they can learn with you! You'll leave every class feeling super refreshed and excited to create.




Every month

Access to all Club Create classes


4pm MST on Mondays.

For 6th graders to 12th graders. Beginner and advanced both welcome.


5pm MST on Mondays.

For Kindergarteners to 5th graders. Parent or guardian must be present.


6pm MST on Mondays.

Great for teachers and adults who have taken piano lessons for a while.


“I really enjoyed Chris’s Club Create class! I love the concept of taking improvisation prompts from favorite composers. The topics we covered on improvisation and composition gave me several ideas to play with and explore. I look forward to more!”

—  Angela Senicz, Piano Teacher


1. What if I miss a class? Currently, regular 60 minute group piano classes cost $33 each, so even if you miss a couple of classes, you're still getting a great deal! Plus, even if you do miss, every class is recorded, so you can watch it later by request.

2. What if I sign up for the wrong level? No problem, you can change to a different level anytime.

3. Will I get any personalized attention? As much as you would get in any classroom; you may be questioned, asked to demonstrate something, prompted to type in the chat box, and more. If you prefer to NOT interact, you may turn your camera off.

4. What's the curriculum like? Every class is a separate concept, and some concepts are recycled, to demonstrate their flexibility. In each class, we start with an exercise, look at real examples, and explore creative uses of that concept. Lastly, we use the concept to create a full piece, or at least a sketch of one.

5. When can I join? Any time! Since the classes are not connected, and recycled concepts produce different results each time, you'll never feel like you missed anything, no matter when you join.

6. Will this interfere with my regular piano lessons? No! Concepts align with most curricula, it functions more like "extra help." However, you still should check in frequently with your teacher, to make sure you understand the concepts the way they want you to.

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