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Elementary Group
For Social Beginners

Teacher Playing Piano

Many elementary students thrive in social learning environments. These students love to help their friends, and they are often very willing to try new things in front of their peers. What's more is they  love to show off, so motivation to practice is no problem! Groups meet once a week, for 60 minutes each time, and the curriculum includes technique, ear training, reading, improvising, and repertoire.



What makes anything fun? Having friends to do it with! Even a trip to the dentist is fun if you have a friend to do it with.


Learning piano can be hard sometimes. Getting help from multiple people, and seeing others struggle is reassuring.


Every class is a performance opportunity, so you can say bye-bye to performance anxiety!

Kids Blowing Bubbles
Bar Chart


The necessary structured curriculum helps keep elementary students focused and on task.


Students get introductory skills to prepare for playing in bands and classical ensembles. 


Nobody wants to fail in front of their friends, so students work extra hard to succeed!

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